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Mana’olana Pink Paddlers was founded in 2006 by a small group of breast cancer survivors to enable health and healing for breast cancer patients and survivors. We received our non-profit 501(c)3 status in 2010. In 2011 it became evident that there were many people, women and men, facing all types of cancer who needed support, so we opened our membership to all cancers, all genders, and their supporters.

Cancer affects everyone in our community and Maui families are often devastated by this disease. We offer cancer survivors, often going through very challenging times, hope and inspiration to heal and grow strong again. We paddle, chant, laugh, pray, and sometimes cry together and are truly an Ohana.

Mana’olana utilizes our natural Maui resources to provide a nurturing and loving environment where survivors can connect, heal, and support each other. We prove, by example, that there is life after cancer by encouraging physical exercise to build strength, confidence, and friendships.

As a Nonprofit Organization, we are committed to being a “grass-roots” charitable organization, and reaching out into our community to make a difference. We are 100% volunteer-based organization with a strong Board, effective leadership, and a very active, committed and inspiring membership. We have developed rewarding community partnerships with Pacific Cancer Foundation and Maui Cancer Wellness Retreats, and now we fund our own Waves of Hope Cancer Assistance Scholarship Fund to assist Maui cancer patients.


To cultivate hope, health, fitness, and fun for cancer survivors
By getting them up, out and about, and embracing the active Maui lifestyle.

Utilizing traditional Hawaiian outrigger canoes,
and a strong cadre of paddling supporters,
We encourage physical exercise to build strength, confidence, and friendship.

That mission has been followed and developed into a program that started with 6 members and has over 140 members today.

We offer first year survivors a $2 annual membership for both Mana’olana and our sister club, Maui Canoe Club.

After the first year, membership is $175 for both clubs.

We have a private donor/foundation who sponsors fees for cancer survivors who can’t afford it, and Maui Canoe Club will waive part of their membership fee to ensure survivors can participate in our programs.

For additional information about our members and what we're doing, please visit our Facebook page at Mana'olana Maui.